Q magazine

May 1995 - Issue 104
Review Page 126

Calling all the Heroes - The Best Of

By Paul Henderson

A Singles based collection from the three-album career of the musicainly Cumbrian quartet who also had a finely tuned ear for a catchy pop melody and a sharp hook, shown to best effect in their only real hit, Calling all the Heroes. Never quite hip or snappy enough at the time (Marillion were their chief competition), the band's real forte, however was the lengthy, pompous but often beautifully embroidered epics inspired by jazz rockers UK, prime period YES and early Genesis, often with some instrumentation as thick as treacle, and tricky time signatures bobbling about in a constant state of flux, And although the latter (and frankly better) aspect of the band is thinly represented here with Yellow Christian and You'll Never Go to Heaven, the contrast between these and the pop phase hints at the musical schizophrenia that arguably led to the bands downfall.


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