Newsletter - January 1990

Hi Everyone!

How ya doing? Everyone in the It Bites camp is well apart from the fact that poor me has to have yet another painful ear operation due to a perforated ear drum that I acquired on the END OF THE WORLD Tour last December. I did manage to have two ear operations last year, the first being very, very serious indeed, but I didn't tell you 'cos I like doing things like that on the hush hush. However, I've recently gotten heavily into sympathy and so here I am pouring my heart out, or should I say ear (heart has got an ear - hEARt) 'cos I hate operations and I'm feeling rather sorry for myself. Enough of that!

Before I tell you what 1990 has in store, let me briefly flip back to 1989 and say a great big thank you to you all for making the END OF THE WORLD Tour our most successful to date. All the dates were brilliant. It was a very emotional night for us when we played Hammersmith, firstly because we've never headlined it before and the fact that we did represented a big stepping stone in our careers. It was a great feeling after the dissapointments we've had to stand on stage knowing that we had conquered them and begun to move upwards once again. Secondly, because the reaction we recieved on all the dates was so incredible that it carried over and made my Christmas a very special one. Thanks!

I also want to tyank you for the hundreds of cards, gifts and GoodLuck messages you sent us, and to assure you that we do read them all whenever we visit Maggie, and they don't end up on a fire somewhere in Cumbria!

I'm glad you enjoyed the convention just before the last tour. When you do something like that for the first time you don't know what to expect, and I know Maggie was sick with worry about how it would turn out. Anyway, judging by the vibes when I got down there, it must have been a good day because everyone seemed to be very , very happy indeed. (Or was it because you were all a little under the influence?!!!) I'm sorry I couldn't stay long, it was just that we had only two days to rehearse for the pre-Christmas dates, and with all the lighting ideas, programming, remembering parts, singing, playing, singing, playing and all the other sorts of things that one indulges in on rehearsal days, (not forgetting the flu) I just had to get back and help out.We were still rehersing at Hammersmith, if that's any consolation. I apologise to all the people who couldn't get tickets, and I would like to thank Robert and Lisa Lewis for doing a fantastic job and organising the running of things so effiecently. The whole event was videoed and Maggie will tell you how to get hold of copies at the end of this letter.

I am delighted to tell you that 400 was raised on convention day and I will personally donate it to a cruelty to animals chartity.

Let's hope it goes towards buying some guns to shoot the evil people who get into that sort of thing! Unforunatly I have been asked to let you know of an incident that somewhat marred the otherwise good-humoured nature of the day's events' as far as the organisers were concerned.

A young lady was seen to steal a promo cassette pack of Once Around the World from Julian Berkely who put such a lot of work into holding the auction. Would she please return it, via Maggie. Goodbye to 1989 - I remember you well.

Over the past few weeks the Appreication Society has grown enormously, so let me now give a very special welcome to our new members, we hope you enjoy being with us and use the benefits well. We might not be perfect, but we don't half try!.

We are presently writing new ideas for the next album, before going into residental rehearsals for several weeks to put all the ideas together and create some songs. Lots of people have asked me what sort of album it will be, and all I can say is the main difference will be a stronger tone of the blues. All the idas I have personally written down were done on an acoustic guitar, so I havn't written any intricate musical passages, it's just melody and some very sincere lyrics. i feel personally that we should keep the backbone and melodic qualities of It Bites and do something different on every album, if not for our own interest then for your own. Anyway I hope you will like it, cos we're writing it for you!

We should start touring again in the summer, but dates and venues will have to be given at a later date as we still have to sit down and discuss this.

In february we will be re-releasing a remixed version of STILL TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER as Virgin feel it didn't get the recognition it deserved and have decided to give it another shot. Come to think of it by the time you read this it will have already been released so let me prematurely say "thanks for making it a hit!"

Anyway people, I hope this letter finds you well and I hope any wrongs you encountered in 1989 will be corrected in 1990. This will be our year!

Love and Peace If the Lyrics don't get ya, the melody will! IT'S GROWING!


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