Newsletter - November 1990


Hope you are all well!

We are sure many of you have heard the rumours concerning the sudden departure of Frank from the band. Although this has been neither denied nor confirmed by our record company, we would like to clarify our position to you.

As you know from the last newsletter, we had gone to Los Angeles to start work on the new album. The day before we were due to start work in the rehearsal studio, Frank informed us that he no longer wished to be a part of It Bites. Although the apparent suddeness of the decision may surprise some of you, it was something that had been building up for a period of time, and surprised none of us. Frank ultimately wanted to be in a situation where he had 100% control of the band, which is something It Bites have never been interested in, feeling that it was a democratic approach that made a band a band. However, we had no hesitation in deciding to carry on, and we spent the next several weeks in Los Angeles writing new material, with John playing guitart as well as keyboards. This was originally intended as a temporary measure, but it soon because apparent that the music we were creating had a feeling and excitement about it that we felt would be impossible for someone else to recreate. After unsuccessfully auditioning vocalists in America, we flew back to England to continue the search. We were introduced to Lee Knott, whom some of you will have already seen and heard on our last british Tour with the band Innocence Lost. Lee immediately fitted in with the new direction we were taking and as we write this newsletter, the four of us are locked away in the country working on material for the new album, which we hope to start recording early next year. We are also sifting through master tapes of some of our concerts recorded over the past few years with a view to releasing a live album in the near future.

Finally we hope that this will put an end to all the speculation about the future of It Bites. We are all looking forward, not backward and are eager to pursue this new project with a venegeance.

Best Wishes to you all

Dick, Bob, John

P.S. We Understand that Frank is now living in Los Angeles, and he is not in touch with either ourselves or maggie, we are unable to give you any information on his future plans or projects.

Many Thanks to Duncan West for Sending me a photocopy of this newsletter, when mine had a fight with a coffee spillage and lost...


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